Ben Vereen Duets with Liza Minnelli at His Cabaret Show!

“…Liza Minnelli joined her long time friend and fellow Broadway legend Ben Vereen for a duet during his cabaret show, “Stepping Out,” at the Catalina Jazz Club in Los Angeles. The pair did a version of the tune “Quiet Love,” with Vereen singing on stage while Minnelli repeated the lyrics on a mic at her table. Minnelli also told the crowd about the first time she saw Vereen perform during a show by choreographer and director Bob Fosse, saying, “The first time I saw you on stage, I couldn’t breathe.” “I held [Fosse’s] hand so strongly . . . And I said, ‘What the hell? Where did you find this man?’” she recalled. At the end of the song, the crowd gave a standing ovation…” – Page Six