Emmy nominated BILL KERBY worked in film and television for thirty years. Bill recently won a Writers Guild Award for his work on Hatfields & McCoys. At 20th Century Fox, he rewrote The Last American Hero for Jeff Bridges. He wrote The Dion Brothers with Stacy Keach and Frederic Forrest, Hooper with Burt Reynolds and Sally Field, Firepower with James Coburn and Sophia Loren, and The Rose for which Bette Midler and Frederic Forrest were nominated for Academy Awards.In television, he wrote “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and “Dadah is Death“, a CBS mini-series starring Julie Christie, Hugo Weaving, and Sarah Jessica Parker for which he was nominated for the Australian Film Institute’s best teleplay of the year, the first American writer in that Institute’s history. He also wrote “Lakota Woman” and “The Siege at Wounded Knee” for Turner Network Television with Jane Fonda as Executive Producer which won many awards. Kerby also co-wrote Showtime’s remake mini-series of “On the Beach“, which was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Bill is currently at work on the stage musical version of The Rose and The Bottom of the Ninth, a neo-noir-vet novel about a detective who is a cat.

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