Mauricio Martinez Featured in BroadwayWorld’s “30 Days of Cabaret Gratitude” Series!

“Broadway alum and star of the cabaret and concert circuit, Mauricio Martinez has it all. With dashing good looks and a devastating vocal prowess, Mauricio is a favorite guest artist for many singers looking for a little something extra in their show. Best bud Robbie Rozelle often invites Mauricio to play, and any number of Martinez’s gal pals want to duet with him, as everyone should, because Mauricio brings to the stage with him a passion for storytelling, a voice people dream of harmonizing with, and absolute honesty. In his solo shows Mauricio shares stories about his life as a Mexican making his way in two countries, tales about his journey as a gay man in a continually evolving world, and his experience as a four-time cancer survivor, although words like champion and warrior seem to fit Mauricio better than the word survivor. Always open and pliable, Mauricio is ready for anything when he’s on the stage, but what he is most ready for and dedicated to is the craft of telling stories through music and lyrics, whether originating from The Bergmans (his Spanish “The Way We Were” is becoming rather famous), a mentor (his “Gethsemane” is this writer’s favorite version of all time), or a brother like Jaime Lozano, with whom Martinez works on an ongoing basis. In a perfect world this leading man would be on Broadway all the time, in revivals of plays like Kiss of the Spider Woman and Man of LaMancha, but until that happens the cabaret and concert industry is lucky to have him gracing the stages of nightclubs and symphony halls all over the world.” – BroadwayWorld