Naren Weiss is Capturing Hearts From Tambaram to NYC

“When you put a strikingly good-looking actor in a classroom full of girls, you’ve got to be prepared for some crazy fangirl moments. But 26-year-old actor-cum-teacher, Naren Weiss, is probably used to it by now. Standing tall at 6’3, this Chennai boy has already captured the hearts of thousands across the globe. His latest stint is an action serial called The Brave, which will soon be telecast in India on AXN. And when this star is not busy conquering New York City, where he currently lives, he spends his time teaching children.

Most actors think of Hollywood and American TV as a distant dream. Naren is currently living that dream, having done spots in shows like Elementary, Blacklisted and Law and Order: SVU. Top that! “

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