NYC Ballet star Sara Mearns discusses dance before Jacob’s Pillow performances

“‘Ballet is comfortable to me. So I want to get out of my comfort zone literally and doing these other things gets me out of that. It also makes me a stronger dancer and more full artist. So when I do come back to City Ballet, in a way I feel more myself when I’m on stage. I feel like a stronger artist. It’s hard to explain but all these experiences really help me in my ballet career.’

One of the five pieces Mearns will perform this week at Jacob’s Pillow is No. 1 with Honji Wang of the French hip-hop duo Wang Ramirez. Created in 2017, No. 1 is a Pillow-commissioned work that brings together French hip-hop duo Wang Ramirez (Honji Wang and Sebastien Ramirez), recipients of two Bessie Award recognitions (2013 award for Outstanding Performers and 2017 nomination for Outstanding Production) and Sara Mearns.”

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