Sara Mearns Launches Partnership with Apolla Performance Socks!

Sara Mearns Collaborates with Apolla Performance Wear, Announced by The Cooper Company

[NEW YORK, October 26th] – The Cooper Company, proud representatives of internationally acclaimed ballet dancer Sara Mearns, is thrilled to announce her latest collaboration with Apolla Performance Wear. This partnership brings together Sara’s enduring passion for dance and wellness with Apolla’s mission to provide top-tier, innovative footwear for performers.

Sara Mearns, renowned for her iconic roles and advocacy for mental wellness, will serve as an ambassador for Apolla’s state-of-the-art “Shocks”. This aligns perfectly with both Sara’s and Apolla’s vision to promote holistic well-being in the dance community and beyond.

“Sara’s dedication to mental health and her unparalleled expertise in dance makes this collaboration with Apolla an exciting venture. We’re looking forward to witnessing the inspiring synergy between Sara and Apolla in championing wellness for all dancers,” says a spokesperson from The Cooper Company.

The collaboration promises engaging content, empowering messages, and a redefinition of dance footwear’s role in promoting overall health. Stay tuned to The Cooper Company’s social media pages for exclusive updates on this dynamic partnership.

About The Cooper Company
The Cooper Company stands at the nexus of talent representation, seamlessly blending the worlds of dance, film, television, and theatre. With an esteemed clientele like Sara Mearns, the agency continues to make waves in the arts sector.

About Apolla Performance Wear
Apolla Performance Wear isn’t just another sock brand; they’re the future of foot support and protection in the dance world. Merging innovative technology with unparalleled comfort, Apolla’s “Shocks” stand as a testament to their dedication to enhancing dancers’ performance and ensuring holistic wellness. Apolla is a company made by dancers FOR dancers and is committed to helping dancers dance longer and dance stronger.  

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