Sara Mearns Performs “The Two of Us” at the Fall For Dance Festival!

“‘The Two of Us,’ originally created by Christopher Wheeldon in 2020 as a digital work for Mearns and David Hallberg, was now performed live with Mearns and Fairchild. (They were even better.) Set to Joni Mitchell songs, the duet is ethereal and earthy, intentional yet breezy.Wearing sheer costumes by Harriet Jung and Reid Bartelme that accentuated the subtle mastery of their bodies, Mearns and Fairchild danced together and apart, melding classical technique with light, casual touches — a flexed foot, a swivel of the hips, a sideways glance. What was breathtaking was Mearns’s ability to trust her own presence, not to act emotion but to let emotion filter through her, and Fairchild’s unpretentious sophistication as his maturity deepens his dancing. It was lovely.” – The New York Times (Critic’s Pick)