Guy Lockard is a Treat in “Sunny” by Jason Reynolds!

Guy Lockard rolls into Sunny’s lolling, goofball voice from the moment you press play and hear the character telling his not-diary that he’s brought it “backity-back-back-back.” The third in Jason Reynolds’ Track series, Sunny follows the titular third member of the series’ pre-Olympic middle school track team as he figures out how to contribute to the team if he hates running, but loves dancing. His solution: Discus.

Trailing Sunny as he makes this journey is, as one teen Audible review described it, “gucci,” and not least because of Lockard’s perfect performance of the stream of consciousness flow constantly coming out of Sunny’s pen. The whole series is a must-listen, but Sunny is a particular treat.”

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Interview With Guy Lockard: A Great Addition To “Chicago” Musical

“It was the talents of principal cast member Guy Lockard, who stood out as Billy Flynn, who brought a unique flair to the classic production.

The 6-foot-3-inch-tall actor played the clever lawyer who has the golden touch of controlling the narrative of both female murder suspects through the power of the press and the audience.”

– Mary L. Datcher, Chicago Defender

Guy Lockard is a “Showpiece of Entertainment”!

“Another patron of the reciprocated era was a smooth-talking trickster with a perfect track record of saving the ladies from doing time was the money-minded lawyer, Billy Flynn (Guy Lockard).

He was a showpiece of entertainment and excitement and he was the one guy that was able to turn Velma’s incarceration into a murder-of-the-week media frenzy. He is the key to Velma making a splashy comeback but Roxie have her own tricks up her sleeve to make the front page news!”

– Rick & Brenda McCain, Chicago Now