Sara Mearns Social Media Takeover

“New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns, who is currently performing at Spoleto Festival USA in NEW BODIES, took over our Instagram, giving fans an opportunity to follow her around Charleston. The South Carolina native took followers along as she walked down King Street, set up her dressing room, and showed how her fellow dancers got into character before opening night.”

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Review: Classical Dancers Interpret Post-Modern Work of Jodi Melnick

“It is especially thrilling to see Columbia-native Sara Mearns walk through the audience and enter the stage from the front of the theater — quite a different perspective than the usual majestic Lincoln Center stage entrance. She is joined by fellow dancers Angel and Stanley (the latter new to the role after the original dancer suffered an injury). All three are commanding in this exquisite performance which is stripped of the adornment and affectation often seen in traditional ballet. The sheer simplicity and straightforward dancing makes the powerful presence of the dancers extraordinary.

– Eliza Ingle, The Post and Courier

NYCB Dancers & Choreographer Jodi Melnick Experiment with the Body

“A New York City Ballet principal dancer and an award-winning choreographer merge artistry and experimentation in their performance of New Bodies.

For both classical ballet dancer Sara Mearns, 32, and post-modern choreographer Jodi Melnick, 54, stripping themselves of previous body formations and allowing for unrestricted movements is what they envisioned for the five Spoleto Festival USA performances June 7-10 at the Emmett Robinson Theatre.”

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Sara Mearns & Ballet Dancers Let Loose in Jodi Melnick’s Double Bill

Mearns‘ interest in shaking up, and going beyond, the erudite and hallowed institution of classical ballet isn’t new. She had arrived at modern dance as an established disruptor. (New York Times chief dance critic Alastair Macaulay once wondered whether she was “too forceful, too sultry, too broad,” among other descriptors not typically assigned to ballerinas, before ultimately deciding that he loved her.)”

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15 Summer Dance Festivals, Saratoga to Vail featuring Sara Mearns

“CHARLESTON, S.C., MAY 25-JUNE 10 The New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns and the choreographer Jodi Melnick may come from different worlds — classical ballet and postmodern dance — but they share a similar dedication to discovery, to uncovering layers of artistry new to their audiences and themselves. That curiosity comes through in New Bodies, Ms. Melnick’s intimate work for Ms. Mearns and her fellow City Ballet dancers Jared Angle and Gretchen Smith. Presented June 7-10, it should be a highlight of this year’s Spoleto offerings, which open with Miami City Ballet’s Celebration: The Art of the Pas de Deux, a tribute to Jerome Robbins.”

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Joshua Bergasse will Choreograph for City Center’s “Balanchine: The City Center Years”

“Among the grandest events is “Balanchine: The City Center Years” (Oct. 31 through Nov. 4), a look at the early days of New York City Ballet, which, as Ballet Society, presented its first season at City Center in 1948, where it was housed until the mid-60s.

Other musicals — in City Center’s beloved Encores! series — include Rodgers and Hart’s 1938 comedy “I Married an Angel” (March 20-24), which featured choreography by Balanchine for his then-wife, Vera Zorina, in the title role. This staging will star the City Ballet principal Sara Mearns, with choreography by Joshua Bergasse, her husband-to-be.”

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“This week we bring you an episode we recorded at New York City’s Guggenheim museum in January.We wanted to catch up with New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Sara Mearns, and Jodi Melnick, contemporary choreographer to hear about their Works and Process at the Guggenheim that they were putting together.

We chatted with the pair quickly between rehearsals, so we could offer our listeners a preview of this work One of Sixty-Five Thousand Gestures/ NEW BODIES that will be going to theSpoleto Festival in Charelston, South Carolina June 7-10.For more information about the festival and performances running May 25-June 10th, visit”

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Sara Mearns is Larger-Than-Life in NYCB’s 2018 Spring Season!

“The second piece, Ratmansky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”, brought life and movement to the art of portraiture. The dancers, representing different pieces of art at a modern museum, displayed an admirable sense of unity, one which can be lacking in a typical Ratmansky work.

Elements of loneliness and togetherness coexisted effortlessly, allowing the dancers to be seen as both individuals and as striking pieces of a whole picture. Sara Mearns danced with her signature larger-than-life expanse, which beautifully offset Tiler Peck’s easy abandon and penchant for quirk.”

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Get Sara Mearns’ Pointe Advice at The School at Steps’ Pointe Shoe Workshop

“Ah, the quest for the perfect, foot-flattering, technique-enhancing pointe shoe: It can feel like a never-ending saga. Still on the hunt for that ideal pair? Then you won’t want to miss The School at Steps‘ annual Pointe Shoe Workshop and Fair, happening this Sunday, April 22nd, at 6:30 pm in NYC.
As always, the event—which is sponsored by our friends at Pointe—will feature an impressive panel of experts. This year’s lineup includes orthopedist Dr. Andrew Price, professional fitter Mary Carpenter, master teacher Linda Gelinas, Pointe style editor Marissa DeSantis, and New York City Ballet star Sara Mearns (eee!).”

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