The Museum of Broadway Featured in Museum Next’s “2022 in Museum Openings, Re-Openings, and Partial Re-Openings”

“Opening in Times Square the Museum of Broadway will showcase the history of its musicals, plays and theatrical productions through displays and interactive experiences.This history will be told through a visual timeline which will highlight the industry’s pioneers, landmark moments and most popular plays and musicals.


There will be a section entitled The Game Changers that will explore some of the most momentous musicals to change the landscape of Broadway through installations designed by leading contemporary visual artists and Broadway designers.A map room will allow visitors to experience the history and migration of New York City’s theatres through immersive video projections and a The Making of a New Broadway Show section will go behind the curtain to show the making of a show with a special exhibition honouring the onstage and offstage professionals that make it happen.”…/2022-in-new-museum…/