Weiss’s Strong & Fascinating Performance in “Over Here”

Naren over here

“Langsner’s strongest moments are between Issam and Gilad. Gautam and Weiss successfully navigate a contentious but brotherly relationship that is the true heart of this play. In the program note, Langsner calls for peace in the most topical of ways. He wonders if this play will ever feel like a thing of the past. Through the impassioned, vulnerable eyes of these boys we see the possibilities for that.”– Keith Paul Medelis, Theatre is Easy


Weiss,…wields a darker, more mysterious quality that hints Gilad is never entirely on the level, and that adds some fascinating layers of possibility to a man who outwardly seems little more than afraid.– Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway


Over Here features strong performances by (all, with) Naren Weiss as Gilad.”– Martin Denton, NY Theater Now